CoralBay Karting Center

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Since 1999

Our Story

With a length of 500m route, Coral Bay Karting offers a unique experience since 1999. Particular attention is given to newcomers to feel confident!

We are located just a few minutes from Coral Bay Beach. The track features modern facilities and an interesting winding circuit of increasingly tight corners. Left and right turns with straights of exciting lengths make the Karts able to reach top speeds of  55 to 60 kilometers per hour.

We are open from 11:30 until 19:00 every day (During summer we extend the working hours. For more info call us at 70001314). There are special Go Karts for kids, playground, snacks, bar, and mini shops. There are also organized various festivals and events.


Come to test your limits...!

Visit CoralBay Karting Center and enjoy our Unique track with the best maintain Karts for Adults, Kids and the Two Seater Go Kart.